Welcome to Linnie Blooms!

The very first memory I have of feeling the thrill of being creative was when I was about 10 years old.  I was at my one and only friend’s house and we decided to play “I Dream of Jeanie”.  Of course, since she had beautiful long, silky blonde hair, she got to be Jeanie, which left me as Nelson.  So, to make myself feel better about pretending to be the guy, I told her I had to have a suit jacket.  So we rummaged through her mom’s fabric and proceeded to use her mom’s sewing machine to create a man’s suit jacket.  I don’t really think it turned out (since we had zero experience in sewing), but in my mind all I recall is how much fun the possibility of creating something from nothing was.  And here I am 40 years later, still preferring to make up my own designs instead of following a pattern.

I don’t try to take the hard route, but somehow that’s always been my way.  I became a PC consultant for a large, local bank not because of any degree, but because I taught myself on the job.  When my girls were in grade school I was the Girl Scout leader, organizer and trainer to others.  And as if that wasn’t enough, I enjoyed five years as the day camp director.  When I decided to leave the corporate world to be at home with my girls, I became an Image Consultant with BeautiControl.  I loved the freedom of self-employment and learned so much about the direct sales industry.  Years later I sold Avon and then took a step back to my creative love by becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.  Then my husband and I built a scrapbooking retreat in central Wisconsin.  The past few years I’ve been on the fast track to solidifying my creative mission.  While owning my own mixed media retail and consignment shop this past year, I developed my very own line of products.  I’ve incorporated canvas and fabric into my artwork for years and finally realized that I need to share all of it with you!  The best way for you to become familiar with my products is hands-on.  This is why I teach regularly on how to create beautiful pieces of art using my products and the mixed stitch concept.

Embrace your inner love of creativity with DIY scrapbooking products from Linnie Blooms, offering no sew solutions, cardmaking and mixed media products.

I offer a multitude of products to suite your mixed media needs, including scrapbook pages, wooden blocks, blank canvases in various sizes, canvas envelopes, greeting cards, acrylic sealer and stencils. Browse through our canvas butterflies, circles, trees, leaves, feathers, hearts, flowers, stars, fences and more. I also offer numerous burlap products, pennants and mixed stitch books. Click on the Shop tab to view all of my products.

Interested in purchasing these items wholesale for your retail store? Contact me at admin@linnieblooms.com using the guidelines under the Wholesale tab. Once approved, you simply shop on the site and use your unique Wholesale code at checkout.

If you’re interested in getting hands-on, expose your customers to the mixed stitch media revolution by hosting a Makery. These Friday and Saturday classes include time to learn a project, chat shop. Click on the Learn tab to find out more.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and learn a little bit about me and Linnie Blooms. I hope I inspire you!

Creatively yours,


Linda Barutha, Owner and Founder